Bu Bee

Bu Bee's Um Maw Doe Zei Album.

Sai Soon Hai Vs Ying Naw Kham

Sai Soon Hai and Ying Naw Kham this song is last album of Sai Soon Hai Kha ^_^.

Sai Hseng Zom Mao

Sai Hseng Zom Mao Last Ablum Cover ^_^.

Sai Soon Hai

Sai Soon Hai first album is My Sea ^_^.

Dr.Sai Kham Leik's family

Dr.Sai Kham Leik is a great composer in Myanmar. Everybody know him as a god of Musician ^_^.

Nang Kham Nong

Nang Kham Nong is a popular singer in Shan State. Most of her songs are written by Sai Lao Saai brother of Sai Saai Mao. Most Shan peopel know her with (Nang Kham Nong Nam Kham). ^_^.

Sai Hseng Zom Fa

In this image Sai Hseng Zom Fa and his son sing 'A Noble heart of mom'. He also a popular singer at northern Shan State..

Sai Harn Leng

Sai Harn leng is a popular singer with soft rock in Sourthern Shan State. He live in Murng Lein in Tachileik district. .


Pune is live in Keng Tawn Southern Shan State. Most Teen agers like his song. Because young people like his song style. ^_^.

S 3

S 3 is the band of classic many teens like their songs.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sai Noom Jaen Fah - Bang Laai Hard Hsai

I got this song from Youtube "bie610" account. The photo that you see is i just copy from in his Music Video as an actor. This song name is Bang Laai Hard Hsai. I also don't know about him but somebody said he is from Muse Northern Shan State. Anyway he is handsome and have a good voice. Hope you will enjoy kha.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Khoom 3 Burng by Sai Aung Htee Kham

This song say; Shan Women that don't want to study own language and just want to study other language also don't want to love the boy in own Nation. You will understand if you listen this song kha. The song name in English is (3 bitter) kha.

Kai Kuen Bok You By Nang Kham Kin

This song is sang by Nang Kham Kin. This song mean to how much she miss her homeland and Dad and Mom. So, she want to back to near her family. When i miss my family i used to listen this song too. I hope you will like too. :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sai Zarm Fah

This song is sang by Sai Zarm Fah who is a soldier in RCSS/ SSA and working in front end of Shan State Army. All of his song are own tune and he composed with his experience when on duty in the front end. If you listen all of his songs you will know what is he aim to. I hope you will like kha. ^_^

Monday, May 28, 2012

Nang Kham Nong - Ki Ma Kao Luem Bad Sao

I think everybody knew her already because she is a popular shan pop singer. She has been making her VCD Album "Fain Kuarm Yar Zei (a song to heal heart)". She said to "Saai Ben" book No.30 on January 2012. She also has some words for her song lover. All literature, talking and culture are the life of the Nation. Now, our Shan songs are supporting to our Shan literature, talking and culture. For our Shan songs up to date i would like to say to our Shan people "Please support" said by Nang Kham Nong.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sai Naung

I don't know the name of song kha but good to listen kha. hope you will enjoy kha. ^_^

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lao Noom Hom

This song is from album (Hao Hark Su Dae U Kaw) of Lao Nom Hom kha. Please enjoy her song kha ^_^