Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sai Moo (Murng Ban)

Sai Moo is the best Composer and Singer. He was born in 15.01.1960 on Friday Murng Ban Town. May be every body know that hahaha. He sing 2 languages Shan and Burmese. Almost his songs are raise our Shan People Heart. He is the leader of Freedomway band too. He has 2 brothes, 2 daughters and one son. You might know what is his wife name because he also sing a song for his wife 'Pang'. He used to be a teacher too. Most the song that he compose and sing are Political kha. He also sing for his teacher. He was show how much he love his teacher. The last day that he live in the world is 1994 in Lak Taeng Thailand.


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